Letters to Donna: Tinay’s June 2014 Playlist

As promised, and a feeble attempt to revive my wordpress account, I present to you… my June playlist:


1. Skin – Boy

I remember you and Darlyn liked this when I played it during our outing in Nagarao.


2. Riverside – Agnes Obel

I heard this one from an episode in “Revenge.” Try to watch it, their clothes are sooooo pretty. Story’s good, too.


3. Every Night – Imagine Dragons

You know you’re up for a good song when you see IMAGINE DRAGONS as the artist.


4. My Fault – Imagine Dragons


5. Sun – Sleeping At Last

Just recently discovered this one searching for TFIOS soundtrack. I have not watched the movie yet and have no access to a cinema here in Jeddah, so SHUSH about the movie.


6. Stay With Me – Sam Smith

I have my friend Farhana to thank for this one. I just love this song so much.


7. Budapest – George Ezra


8. 500 Miles – The Proclaimers

What’s not to love?


9. Pulses – Karmin

They got George Takei to do the intro for their video, that’s how awesome Karmin are (Oh myyyyy). Nick Noonan is a treat for both the ears and the eyes. Too bad he’s already engaged to Amy, the other half of Karmin. Then again Amy is uber awesome, so I guess I’ll try to be happy for Nicky. I’m in love with them both T.T .


10. Try Me On – Karmin

Catchy. Very Catchy.


11. Tidal Wave –  Karmin

What? Another Karmin song?! Yes, I’m obsessed with their Pulses album.


12. Gasoline – Karmin

I know. Just listen.


13. Lucky – Kat Edmonson

Darlyn really liked this one. I hope you like it too.


14. I Feel Better – Gotye

Jeff’s entrance number at the Iloilo Dance Off 2014, I forgot the exact phrase you used.


15. Can’t Stop – OneRepublic


16. Come Home –  OneRepublic


17. Feel Again – OneRepublic



18. Wolves & Moons – Holly Arrowsmith

My lullaby.


19. Machild – Eels

Yours was “Your Ex-Lover is Dead.” This was mine.

Please watch Futurama episode “Game of Tones.” Manly tears will be shed. It’s where Khea and I discovered the song.


20. Little Bird, Little Bird – Elizabeth Mitchell

From another heart-wrenching episode of Futurama. WTF FUTURAMA, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE A COMEDY! *ugly cry*


21. Up With The Birds – Colplay

This is the song I told you that makes me think of those tribute videos they play at funerals. Okay, I made myself sad.


22. Wicked Way – Ben Taylor

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for introducing me to this song. I wish they made a better music video though.


20. Sail – Awolnation

This ain’t their official music video, but I like this better.


21. Vox Populi – 30 Seconds To Mars


22. Hurricane – 30 Seconds To Mars


23. Kiss You – Ed Sheeran


24. All of the Stars –  Ed Sheeran

From TFIOS soundtrack. The feels.


25. Clarity – Zedd ft. Foxes


26. Once Upon A Dream – Lana Del Ray

Listen to it in the dark… with the windows open… and the wind a-blowin…


So far, those are the songs I’ll be listening to on repeat for this month of June. Maybe I’ll add new ones, hopefully from your soundtrack. Lookin forward to your post!


Document Your Life: October 2013

So my friend Darlyn and I agreed on finally doing this “Project Document Your Life” which was originally started by Lauren Hannah.

It’s this cool project where you record tidbits of your everyday for a month and compile them into one music video.

What I really like about this project is that it makes you appreciate the little things you encounter everyday. The cool breeze, that amazing sushi place, or your favorite pen. It kind of puts things into perspective that everything in everyday is a blessing.

I managed to record the last 2 weeks of October. I used my Galaxy Note II to record and compiled them via Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. I’m still pretty new to this so, excuse the mediocrity.

I chose Emily Leong‘s “Almost Home” as my background music because… well just because it’s an awesome song. It’s the music that gives this video it’s charm. Hehe.

Doing this project motivates me to be out more and try new things so I can have something to show. So in a way, it inspires me to go out of my comfort zones and maybe experience life a bit more everyday.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching my video. Afterwards, go pick up your camera and get recording to join in on the fun.

For more info on Project Document Your Life, visit:

Sunk Cost Fallacy

Sounds a bit complicated, right?

After you watch the video, you’ll realize it’s actually quite simple and surprisingly common. A second after that, it’ll dawn on you that YOU have fallen to the “Sunk Cost Fallacy.”

I am no different. All my life, I thought my decisions were based on investments for my future. Some of them, maybe. But the majority were based on what I have already “spent.”

Here’s a simple way to get a grip on the idea:

When you lose something permanently, it hurts. The drive to mitigate this negative emotion leads to strange behaviors. Have you ever gone to see a movie only to realize within 15 minutes or so you are watching one of the worst films ever made, but you sat through it anyway? You didn’t want to waste the money, so you slid back in your chair and suffered. Maybe you once bought non-refundable tickets to a concert, and when the night arrived you felt sick, or tired, or hung over. Perhaps something more appealing was happening at the same time. You still went, even though you didn’t want to, in order to justify spending money you knew you could never get back. What about that time you made it back home with a bag of tacos, and after the first bite you suspected they might have been filled with salsa-infused dog food, but you ate them anyway not wanting to waste both money and food? If you’ve experienced a version of any of these, congratulations, you fell victim to the sunk cost fallacy.

You Are Not So Smart

I am currently in a job I don’t like, but don’t hate either. Let’s just say I would prefer an occupation where I can hold a camera 24/7 or experience neck ache at Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. But I’ve already “invested” four months into this (not exactly a lifetime, I know) and as much as I would like to change my career path, I’d feel kinda wasteful throwing the four months I already gave. See? Sunk cost fallacy victim right here.

And the sunk cost fallacy then means making a choice not based on what outcome you think is going to be the best going forward but instead based on a desire not to see your past investment go to waste.

Julia Galef

Questions I’m gonna crack my head on for the rest of the day… week… year…

  1. Should I risk making my future choices based on what my preferred outcomes are while seeing my past investments disappear?
  2. Is holding on to past investments really that bad? Or just being practical?

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