Avoiding Online Spoilers Like the Plague

Starting November 20th, I’ll possibly be off the grid… except wordpress… possibly.

That’ll be around the time of Catching Fire’s premiere. ImageAwesome.Awesome.AWESOME!

Since there are no cinemas here in Jeddah (there’s one in KAUST, but I don’t think it’s the kind of cinema where they show new movies) I have no way of viewing my most awaited movie of the year.

For sure, “may peeps” on FB will be all like “OMG! At the cinema to watch The Hunger Games 2!” or “BEST MOVIE EVER! #CatchingFire #TheHungerGames #TOOBADFORTHOSEWHODIDNTWATCHIT”


Okay, the last one is least likely to grace my news feed, but you get the idea. I’ll just bum myself out knowing I wasn’t able to watch it.

So I’ll just be MIA from major social networks till end of December. I took into consideration the aftermath, that’s why my absence will last that long.

I expect some of the blogs I follow here in wordpress will mention the movie as well. But I look forward for those posts not to be the “FB-kind-of-annoying.” So, no hate here!

I was actually planning on having a little trip to Dubai just to view it and maybe visit my friends there. But it seems too rash an idea just to see a movie (no matter how awesome it is).




Don’t you just love it when you discover something so good by accident?

It’s like fate giving you a gift while saying, “You seemed to be having an off week, here you go!”

Here in wordpress, it seems like you can have serendipity moments all around!

Here’s a few of the precious WordPress gems I’ve been happy about:

1. Diario Da Chris

ImageIts pictures of books alone already makes you want to love this blog.

It’s in portugese but can be translated into English using a widget in the sidebar (thank you Chris for pointing that out!). I have only begun obsessing over this blog and will more likely be a regular visitor.

2. Mommy Man

Mommy Man

I was just browsing around “Freshly Pressed” and found this awesome blog. It’s created by Jerry Mahoney who lives with his partner Drew and their two beautiful twins. They are a gay couple who are rocking their way in parenting. Jerry Mahoney’s posts are not only quirky, but inspiring as well. Come and visit his blog and their parenting adventures! Mommy Man, away!


3. Blogging For a Good Book

Books & awesome reviews. I love how this blog makes me want to read ALL the books they feature.

4. Mookology


Movie + Book =  Mookology

What is Mookology?

Mookology is my effort to clear the air between readers and movie-goers.


Let there be peace between the readers & the movie-goers!


Ahh… so many blogs… so little time. Check out their blogs and be a fan yourselves! 🙂

Aaaaaaand… there goes my beautiful day

You log on to your facebook.

Check your notifications, see if you got some attention the past few minutes.

And then it appears…

ImageAdmit it… you have at least one of these on your news feed.

You try to hide it from your feed, but the damage has been done. What’s worse is not the post, but the person behind it.

You then just drag yourself throughout the day hoping to unsee what just ruined it chanting “I DON’T CARE. I SHOULDN’T CARE. I MUST NOT CARE.”

But you do… a lot.

FB Stranded

No, I haven’t deactivated my facebook.

I take a lot of pictures and most of my acquaintances, friends, & “friends” want to be tagged. I say to them, “You can visit my page on WordPress.” They say, “Nay! Just post ’em on FB & we’ll tag ourselves. Pretty please?”

That is one of the reasons why my FB is still alive & kicking. Another, there are some friends of mine I like to keep in touch through FB. I’m still trying to convince them to at least make an account somewhere else, preferably here.

Moving Out of Facebook

Recent events has got me into thinking to maybe move on from the FB drama to a social network where I can be more productive. You know, more freedom, less drama… less prejudice?

There’s only one place I’d like to call my Home Sweet Homepage, and that’s my WordPress account.

Now, why make such a move? Most of my connections are in FB. People can reach me easier there, I’ll be more up to date on others through FB. All of the above are true.

It’s just tiring I guess. 7 out of 10 of my FB “friends” don’t even like or know me (and vice versa). And the prejudice! Tsk. People add you on Facebook not because they want to know you better (at least not at first), but mostly to confirm if what they’ve heard about you is true.

“Is that really her?”

“Is that her boyfriend?”

“Is she pregnant?”

“Why is <insert mutual friend’s name> friends with this girl?”

And once they become among your “friends”, they’ll get updated on whatever you post and they assume they have a right to share it. Then again, if you post something on Facebook, you’re basically letting them spread whatever it is you shared.

The point is, Facebook for me isn’t for “friends” anymore. It’s for gossip & stalking. I’ve had it. So I’m really planning on deactivating mine.

The problem is, what about those genuine friends of mine that who uses Facebook as a main form of communication?

That part, I don’t know. But for now, I just want some distance from all the drama that seems to emanate from FB. I’ve tried to defend myself a couple of times, it just blew up in my face ‘coz people thought I was covering up something. (Pfft)

I feel the same way, only with WordPress not so much Twitter.

I feel a lot more freedom here on WordPress. Maybe its because people here are less prejudiced because what they know about you is from your personal posts, not from heresay. I appreciate that.


Am I ready to declare The Pearly Panty Gates my only Home Sweet Homepage?


I do have a twitter account. But maybe not for long. 😛


Long Overdue Blog


It has been MONTHS… since my last blog. I am ashamed.

Now, I have a good reason to keep blogging. And that is to keep my head straight. Why? Well, two weeks ago, I left good old Iloilo for Manila. I am on my way to my old hometown, Jeddah, K.S.A. in three days. It’s only been two weeks, and I’m already feeling the pressure of a long distance relationship (LDR).

I feel soooo guilty that I don’t miss my boyfriend as MUCH as I should. I love him, truly… and I know he loves me. Three years we’ve been together, almost everyday. This is the first time we’ve had some distance, and its scaring me a little bit that I’m kind of liking being alone for a bit. Is that bad? Oh God, IS IT?!

I ask myself… “Do you love your boyfriend?” And I automatically answer “YES, of course.”

“Do you see yourself having a future with him?” … yes, I do. I even see three or four kids in the picture… makes my heart go all warm and fuzzy. 

So… that means, I really am in love with him, right? 

When I was back in Iloilo with him, I go crazy for him! Not a minute goes by that we don’t talk or text.

But now that we’re apart, I’m a little scared that I’m OK not talking to him 24/7? I am so scared that when I get to Jeddah, that my “tolerance” of non-communication will worsen. 

And to make matters worse, I’m starting to notice other men. Though now I don’t act on my impulses, I’m afraid that the time will come that I will lose control. 

I love my boyfriend… he is one of the most loving and kindhearted people on this planet. If I lose control, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. I fear that I might be too weak for something like this. 

Neglectful Tinay

Oh dear…

The promise… wait, no… PROMISES… I’ve made…. 


1. Lose weight (recurring promise)

2. Maintain my blog

I haven’t done any of those two. I am ashamed. 😦

Well, where my weight’s concerned… still stuck at 68kg. Just like I’ve always been since high school. ARGH. I am not trying hard enough, and it shows. I actually want to go to the gym, but I get so lonely. Plus, it ain’t cheap. But… enough excuses! It’s 2013! I’ll be 22! And in a few months, I’ll go back to Jeddah and face people from my past… I wanna look good so I can tell them “THAT’S RIGHT, I HAVE BEEN DOING GREAT!”

So, what am I going to do? This SATURDAY (January 12), I am going back to Star Slimmers (my old gym), and get a one month membership… gotta start small. Last time I went there, I signed up for a day… then a week… eventually a 2-week membership. I was making great progress until I realized I had no money left and ended up pawning one of my phones. Hehe… (no… not funny). Gotta sacrifice some of my allowance if I really want to make a change… no pain, no gain. Sorry awesome-new-pants-on-sale-at-SM, gotta let you go this time!


And about my blog… I remember making a promise with my good friend Darlyn, to remind her to update her blog at least 3 times a week and she the same to me. I haven’t been doing that, and neither has she. WE REALLY ARE FRIENDS! Hehehe. I’m updating it NOW! This counts! :3


I’ll be more diligent in updating this blog… it’s a project I wanna continue for as long as I can. ❤