I Am Not

I am not the girl you will cry for.

Nor am I the girl who will keep you awake.

I am not the girl who can break your heart,

Though I am the girl you can break.


I am not the girl you buy flowers for

Nor the the girl who can make you happy.

I can make you laugh, yes, I  do that a lot.

But happy? No, that I cannot.


I am not the girl you will write about,

Or put a photo of in your wallet.

I am a girl you can spend drinks on,

but not the girl you’ll spend nights with.


Though I do not wish to be the girl

Who can tear your heart in pieces.

But truth be told, that girl who can,

I envy her, whoever that is.


For she is the girl you will cry for, the one who steals your sleep,

The girl you buy flowers for and whose picture you keep.

The girl you write about or whose lip you tenderly bite,

The girl you yearn to kiss or spend the lonely nights.


I am not that girl, That much is true.

I can wish my heart out, But I’ll never have you.

I am not the girl, though I long to be, who can make you love anew.

I’m just the girl who loves a boy,

That boy, my friend, is you.