Letters to Morla: Dude, Seriously

My dearest Morlalu,

No, you are not the only one feeling like crap. I feel you ma sistah!

“1. My transcripts are still being held hostage by the University of San Agustin.”

Why? Did you try to get them? I though you intentionally stalled acquiring them. Haven’t even surrendered my I.D. yet.

“2. I am not conventionally attractive.” & “3. I am skinny as hell, and people keep reminding me.”

Do not get me started on that bullshit. Pardon my french.

If I give you a compliment, will you take it? I’m gonna give it to you, not because we’re friends, but because I mean it.

There are so many kinds of pretty, and you’re one of them (me and Donna too! Hehe). I’ve always envied the way your eyes look. How even sloppy eyeliner makes it look good. Those eyelids, I like that shit. You have prominent cheekbones… mine haven’t been visible since… ever. You are slim, not skinny. AND… for someone who’s slim, you ‘re quite gifted in the chest area. What else could you ask for?

Sure, you’re on the light side, but not undernourished. You can eat like a pig and gain little weight. You’re living my dream. You don’t have much problems buying clothes (I love your fashion sense nowadays). If another person gives you shit again, just be like:

Regardless of how many pretty traits you have, the shouldn’t matter that much. You’re better than that.

“4. I still have no idea what to do with my life.”

Neither do I. Though I do have some ideas, and guess what, you guys are in it.

Ye Olde Pub is still on my top list. I really want it to happen, man, I really do. I can almost picture what it looks like. I want it to have books for our patrons to read, freshly brewed coffee, Khea’s pastries and cakes, beer, flowers in old mason jars, house plants in vintage tin cans, tea, wood pallets as shelves, black and white photographs… and so much more.

Hopefully, this can be part of your dream too.

I’m not exactly enjoying my job, either. Being a secretary isn’t all bad, it pays the bills, but… you know. That’s why I want Ye Olde Pub to happen.

It’s okay to feel crappy from time to time. Just know you are definitely not alone. Besides, you seem to be in a good place in your life. You’ve been travelling more often, visiting new places with Rico, and becoming a fabulous blogger! I love The Bookworm Vintage!

So remember…



If you have any ideas for Ye Olde Pub, shout them out! Let’s make it come true!


Letters to Morla: Goodbye Clothes Shopping

Dearest Morlalu,

I love how your blog now is mostly related to fashion style, and make up.

The title of this posts is saddening, I know.

God, I miss shopping.

I remember spending countless hours roaming around SM or Marymart for the best deals in blouses and trousers for the sake that I can flaunt a different outfit every Friday at school.

But in Saudi, it’s kind of pointless to shop for clothes since we have to wear our abayas every time we’re in public. Not to mention I wear a uniform to work.

So instead of investing in clothes now, I plan on investing on bags, shoes, make-up, &, of course, abayas.


Of course I can’t buy a new abaya every week (I wish). It’ll be like one new abaya every 3 months… if I’m lucky.

I’m really diggin this one with the hood. Gorgeous!

I really like the hooded one. Too bad they’re so pricey in stores here. I’d be better off having one tailored (which is kind of pricey as well, but not as much as the store-bought ones).

Dementor-ish… in a pretty way ❤

As for my bags… it’s not just a “want,” it’s more of a “need.” The bags that I have now look like they went through a tub of bleach and was trampled on by River dancers. Mom says I need to look presentable since I’m a “lady.” Little bit of fashion police in my mom every now and then.

But she does have a point, since my bags & shoes are the only fashion I have left to flaunt here, might as well invest in good looking ones. I’m trying to find a bag similar to the one I found in Sophie (I love their bags)  a couple years back.

It's so pretty!

It’s so pretty!

The first one I saw went by a different name, and it was black… but it looks the same as this Hartwell.

Admit it… you want it too! ❤

For my make up, of course I always stick to my eyeliner, religiously. I’m still a big fan of Maybelline’s Gel Eyeliner and Cat Eyes Mascara. I use Garnier’s BB Cream as my foundation (coz I’m lazy as f*ck for regular foundation & concealer).

I never stopped loving this product ever since we first saw it at Robinson’s last Christmas 2012. ❤


It’s a lifesaver on those “late-to-work” mornings… which is basically everyday for me.

The next time I go to the mall, I’ll take pictures of the ones I like and show you so you can help me to  choose. Also, choose what you like for yourself, Donna, & Rico. So I’ll have an idea on what you’d like as pasalubongs! 🙂

Until then, Morlalu.

Letters to Donna & Morla: Yolanda

My friend Paul posted this photo of “Stufyerface” after Super Typhoon Yolanda hit and my jaw dropped.

Photo from Paul Salazar’s facebook

As you can see, the entire 2nd floor is destroyed. I never realized how strong Yolanda really was till I saw it. I can only imagine how the rest of Iloilo looks like right now.

I hope you guys are alright… your families too.


Yolanda is also the name of Aladdin’s mom… just a little trivia. 🙂

Letters to Morla: We Don’t Have Balls

It’s a good thing. Balls are sensitive. You give it a little flick and they yell “MAN DOWN! MAN DOOOOOOOWN!”

ImageWell said, oh great Betty White!

Anyway, like my last letter to Donnabelle, things worked out. I’m actually back in my office. I am typing up this blog on my office computer. Productive little slave, aren’t I?

Once my papers pull through, things will be pretty stable. The kind of security I’m worried about is the one where the police catch you and deport you and ban you for the next decade.

I have this paper with me where it says I’m approved for transfer. Though it is approved, it hasn’t been finalized. But my boss says this document is enough to keep me safe from the inspection. She told me, she already clarified the security thing with the upper management and that I should have faith in her (though she did say it in a more sarcastic manner). So, here I am… hoping for the best.

Anyway, are things still unstable where you’re at? I hope your situation improves.

I miss you. All of you.

Letters to Donna & Morla: Of Songs and New Projects

Last night, Darlyn and I were chatting and got to compiling a song list. Just like the ones you did. So here’s mine:

1. Marble Sounds – Time to Sleep

2. Lorde – Royals

3. Kat Edmonson – Lucky

4. Gabrielle Aplin – Panic Cord

5. Nina Nesbitt – Just Before Goodbye (or any of her songs… I love her)

6. The Honey Trees – To be with you

7. Natalie Walker – Waking Dream

8. Agnes Obel – Riverside

9. The Staves – Winter Trees

Anyway… discussions about awesome songs led to cool music videos (or was it the other way around?). Nevermind… we ended up talking about “Document Your Life” project and thought we could finally try it out. Sure our cameras aren’t that up to par… but that’s what awesome soundtracks are for!

I know Darlyn is in… how about you Donnabelles? ❤

Letters to Donna & Morla: Let him not be like Donna’s “Dead Cat”

Dear b*tches,


But seriously, how are you guys? Morla, aka, Darlyn, is obviously head over heels based on her blogs. How bout you, Don? Law school treating you okay?

Anyway, I know both of you are curious as to what my previous blog is about. I know by now, you already have an inkling (lol understatement) as to what happened.

We’re currently working things out. Apparently, Aladdin’s been having his “man-struation.” He’s been so idle that he can’t help but think about anything and everything… including my shameful act. I can’t blame him. He’s usually so active and on-the-go, I can’t imagine him being idle. He has an interview this Friday. Hopefully he’ll get the job.

What’s up with the title, you say? Well, like I said in my previous blog, it seems that Aladdin is going through a phase (as Donna put it)… what’s worse is… he’s going through He-who-must-not-be-named (aka Donna’s former “Cat”) Phase.

You’re right, Don… he sounds like the Dead Cat. Oh, but I certainly hope he doesn’t act like him. I get relief in the fact that I know he’s better than that. And I do sincerely hope it’s just a phase. It’s been six months since we last saw each other, it’s the longest I’ve ever been in a long distance relationship. It’s tough. It doesn’t help that we might not see each other on my vacation next year, coz he might be on a ship by then. ARGH! This is harder than I expected.

He says he can feel himself changing a bit. What kind of change, I don’t know… he doesn’t know either. I don’t want him to change… but I know it’s something I cannot control.

I am doing everything I can to be good at this LDR thing. I focus on work, on family, I rarely go out (it’s kinda hard to spread your wings here), and I mostly read & do artwork… and maybe window shop when I get the chance.

Speaking of which, Darlyn, I found the most amaaaaaazing cardigan in H&M last week. It is so you! I couldn’t take a picture coz the salesmen were giving me the evil eye. But for sure you’d buy it in a heartbeat. I also found one for you, Don. leather jacket, sorta biker-ish but more chic. As for your beau, Darlyn, he asked me for a black thobe. Why? You ask him. I’ll try to find something better (and affordable).

Back to me (narcissistic, much?), I’m doing what I can to make my relationship with Aladdin work. Just pray that we pull through.

He says he loves me with all his heart and he would not think of abandoning me. He just wanted to let me know that he’s human and he might make mistakes. And that this LDR is not easy as he thought. I told him to try his best the same way I am. I don’t want to lose him… and I hope he doesn’t want to lose me. He says he doesn’t want to lose me, I hope it’s true.

It’s weird, huh? Before, I would’ve believed him in a millisecond. But after this… It’s like I don’t trust him (bad karma, wouldn’t you say?).

It’s like I don’t know him anymore…

… and I’m scared.

Letters to Morla (6): Hair colors & songs

Dear Morla,

Please don’t let Donna chop her hair off.

As I said in reply to her comment, she ain’t got that uhh… girly- pamby-soft kind of … appearance… to balance such an edgy cut.

We both know she’s more of the sporty – bookish charm kind of girl (just the way we like it).

Unless of course she uses eye liner (even just eye liner) to complement the do.

If she really desires to change her hair, go for color. Dye it a bit lighter, like copper or chocolate brown. And layer her hair a bit so that it’ll frame her face. Shaping her (and yours) brows won’t hurt (actually, it does but, you know what I mean).

I miss you guys too. Really.

There is so much I miss about you guys that I can’t put it in writing (at least not now, coz I’m at work).

Till the next letter,



About the playlist, add that song you kept singing before “I’m just a summer a girl.. blah blah blah… who needs a boyfriend? I got my girl friends… ”