Document Your Life: October 2013

So my friend Darlyn and I agreed on finally doing this “Project Document Your Life” which was originally started by Lauren Hannah.

It’s this cool project where you record tidbits of your everyday for a month and compile them into one music video.

What I really like about this project is that it makes you appreciate the little things you encounter everyday. The cool breeze, that amazing sushi place, or your favorite pen. It kind of puts things into perspective that everything in everyday is a blessing.

I managed to record the last 2 weeks of October. I used my Galaxy Note II to record and compiled them via Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. I’m still pretty new to this so, excuse the mediocrity.

I chose Emily Leong‘s “Almost Home” as my background music because… well just because it’s an awesome song. It’s the music that gives this video it’s charm. Hehe.

Doing this project motivates me to be out more and try new things so I can have something to show. So in a way, it inspires me to go out of my comfort zones and maybe experience life a bit more everyday.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching my video. Afterwards, go pick up your camera and get recording to join in on the fun.

For more info on Project Document Your Life, visit: