New Books: Room, The Ocean at the End of the Lane and more

It was high time Khea and I bought new books, also it was payday, which means it’s another wonderful trip to Jarir Bookstore!


I chose Neil Gaiman’s “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” and Emma Donoghue’s “Room” which was highly recommended by my friend Darlyn.

My sister Khea chose Lian Tanner’s “Museum of Thieves” which is Book one of the series and Jay Asher’s “Thirteen Reasons Why.” She picked up the latter saying “it keeps showing up everywhere so I finally picked it up to be over with.”

I was going to buy Veronica Roth’s “Allegiant” since I fell in love with the first two books “Divergent” & “Insurgent.” But unfortunately “somebody” thought it would be fun to post spoilers on Facebook, the kind of spoiler that makes you want to punch a hole through your screen. I lost the urge to buy it then.

I’m pretty happy with the ones we bought, so is my sister.

I just know I’m gonna cry my eyes out on “Room.” Prepare your shoulder for my tears, Darlyn.


Avoiding Online Spoilers Like the Plague

Starting November 20th, I’ll possibly be off the grid… except wordpress… possibly.

That’ll be around the time of Catching Fire’s premiere. ImageAwesome.Awesome.AWESOME!

Since there are no cinemas here in Jeddah (there’s one in KAUST, but I don’t think it’s the kind of cinema where they show new movies) I have no way of viewing my most awaited movie of the year.

For sure, “may peeps” on FB will be all like “OMG! At the cinema to watch The Hunger Games 2!” or “BEST MOVIE EVER! #CatchingFire #TheHungerGames #TOOBADFORTHOSEWHODIDNTWATCHIT”


Okay, the last one is least likely to grace my news feed, but you get the idea. I’ll just bum myself out knowing I wasn’t able to watch it.

So I’ll just be MIA from major social networks till end of December. I took into consideration the aftermath, that’s why my absence will last that long.

I expect some of the blogs I follow here in wordpress will mention the movie as well. But I look forward for those posts not to be the “FB-kind-of-annoying.” So, no hate here!

I was actually planning on having a little trip to Dubai just to view it and maybe visit my friends there. But it seems too rash an idea just to see a movie (no matter how awesome it is).



Don’t you just love it when you discover something so good by accident?

It’s like fate giving you a gift while saying, “You seemed to be having an off week, here you go!”

Here in wordpress, it seems like you can have serendipity moments all around!

Here’s a few of the precious WordPress gems I’ve been happy about:

1. Diario Da Chris

ImageIts pictures of books alone already makes you want to love this blog.

It’s in portugese but can be translated into English using a widget in the sidebar (thank you Chris for pointing that out!). I have only begun obsessing over this blog and will more likely be a regular visitor.

2. Mommy Man

Mommy Man

I was just browsing around “Freshly Pressed” and found this awesome blog. It’s created by Jerry Mahoney who lives with his partner Drew and their two beautiful twins. They are a gay couple who are rocking their way in parenting. Jerry Mahoney’s posts are not only quirky, but inspiring as well. Come and visit his blog and their parenting adventures! Mommy Man, away!


3. Blogging For a Good Book

Books & awesome reviews. I love how this blog makes me want to read ALL the books they feature.

4. Mookology


Movie + Book =  Mookology

What is Mookology?

Mookology is my effort to clear the air between readers and movie-goers.


Let there be peace between the readers & the movie-goers!


Ahh… so many blogs… so little time. Check out their blogs and be a fan yourselves! 🙂