Loot: Olay Day & Night Moisturizing Cream & Gentle Face Wash

Mom went to the grocery without me and remembered I wanted to try Olay for a change. I failed to mention that I wanted the 7 Total Effects one.

She bought these instead:




They came together in one promo box, so I guess Mom got enticed by the bargain price of SR 40 (P 400). Not bad… not bad.

Like my friend Darlyn, I have combination skin, dry around the cheeks while oily on my T-zone and forehead (boo!).

The night cream seems promising since it says it focuses on normal/dry/combo skin.

The day cream on the other hand just says normal/dry. But I guess that’s okay.

The face wash, like the night cream, is for normal/dry/combination skin. I’ve already used it. It lathers up real nice and removes make-up as well.

Did I mention they smell nice as well? Both the creams have a powdery kind of fragrance while the wash is clean and a bit minty.

I’m gonna use these to the last drop and post my review. And maybe buy toner.

Remember, skin products deliver results when used regularly.

How about you? What’s your skin regimen?


Letters to Morla : Trying on Face Masks

Envious little cretin, aren’t I?


I got really inspired by your posts. My skin too needed some TLC.

I put make-up everyday, and sometimes I get so exhausted I forget to wash it off and go directly to bed. It’s really taking it’s toll on my skin.

I still put on moisturizer day and night (when I remember to wash off my make-up, that is). At least I got that going.

For the past two months, I used Pond’s Flawless White (Day & Night). Mom’s choice.


Can’t complain about it. When it comes to keeping my face moisturized, it does the trick. Smells nice, too. Don’t know if I’m getting any fairer though.

Time came when we ran out of it. The neares store didn’t have any so Mom bought Pond’s Age Defense for now.

I have no complaints at the moment.

Anyway, I wanted to try facemasks so I bought these:

The one on the left is for the dark circles under my eyes, which desperately need some lovin.

The other is for whitening and revitalizing.

Got them for SR 10 each which is about P 120 each.

I’ll try ’em out later and do some before & after pics as well.

Here’s to lovin our skin!

Yours truly,

Letters to Morla: Goodbye Clothes Shopping

Dearest Morlalu,

I love how your blog now is mostly related to fashion style, and make up.

The title of this posts is saddening, I know.

God, I miss shopping.

I remember spending countless hours roaming around SM or Marymart for the best deals in blouses and trousers for the sake that I can flaunt a different outfit every Friday at school.

But in Saudi, it’s kind of pointless to shop for clothes since we have to wear our abayas every time we’re in public. Not to mention I wear a uniform to work.

So instead of investing in clothes now, I plan on investing on bags, shoes, make-up, &, of course, abayas.


Of course I can’t buy a new abaya every week (I wish). It’ll be like one new abaya every 3 months… if I’m lucky.

I’m really diggin this one with the hood. Gorgeous!

I really like the hooded one. Too bad they’re so pricey in stores here. I’d be better off having one tailored (which is kind of pricey as well, but not as much as the store-bought ones).

Dementor-ish… in a pretty way ❤

As for my bags… it’s not just a “want,” it’s more of a “need.” The bags that I have now look like they went through a tub of bleach and was trampled on by River dancers. Mom says I need to look presentable since I’m a “lady.” Little bit of fashion police in my mom every now and then.

But she does have a point, since my bags & shoes are the only fashion I have left to flaunt here, might as well invest in good looking ones. I’m trying to find a bag similar to the one I found in Sophie (I love their bags)  a couple years back.

It's so pretty!

It’s so pretty!

The first one I saw went by a different name, and it was black… but it looks the same as this Hartwell.

Admit it… you want it too! ❤

For my make up, of course I always stick to my eyeliner, religiously. I’m still a big fan of Maybelline’s Gel Eyeliner and Cat Eyes Mascara. I use Garnier’s BB Cream as my foundation (coz I’m lazy as f*ck for regular foundation & concealer).

I never stopped loving this product ever since we first saw it at Robinson’s last Christmas 2012. ❤


It’s a lifesaver on those “late-to-work” mornings… which is basically everyday for me.

The next time I go to the mall, I’ll take pictures of the ones I like and show you so you can help me to  choose. Also, choose what you like for yourself, Donna, & Rico. So I’ll have an idea on what you’d like as pasalubongs! 🙂

Until then, Morlalu.

A Once A Year Indulgence

Saturday afternoon and we decided to do our Christmas shopping downtown. We didn’t intend to color coordinate our clothes, we’re not THAT fond of each other. Hehe. It was just… a happy coincidence.


Blue Themed Saturday

1. My Lady Bag!

Darlyn, you doll! Thank you for helping me pay for this beauty. I love it so! At least I managed to check ONE off my Christmas List! Hehe. Thanks!






2. Awesome Gel Eyeliner


It was 30% off… I had to get it. Hehe. It’s a gift for me, from me… I LOVE ME. ❤

3. Khea’s HESH Skullcandy Headphones

My sister, Khea, likes to be in her own little world. Since we share a room, she likes to block noise (mostly me) with music.  Seriously, you can barely hear anything else while wearing these awesome headphones Darlyn and I got her. It’s like a disco bar when you listen to music with it. Darlyn and I saw it at Marymart and knew it was the perfect gift for Khea. Your two Ate’s love you very much Khea.



4. RRJ “Burn” Perfume

I can’t get my hands off my boyfriend as it is, and now he’s going to smell ultra yummy with this. Thank God it’s cold, there’s gonna be a lot of hugging and cuddling (probably more). I hope he likes it. 😀

RRJ Burn

5. Maybelline Volum Express Cat Eyes Mascara for Darlyn

Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara

It’s the least I could do for you, bi**h.  😉

After pillaging through the mall, countless times, we rewarded ourselves (which was basically what we did the whole afternoon, we love ourselves too much!) with a late lunch at KFC.

2012-12-22 17.03.20 2012-12-22 17.04.29 2012-12-22 17.04.41

Sans Rival Krushers. Not exactly Darlyn’s best decision since she had a nasty cough. But hey! It was delish!

Tinay KFC Alfredo Pasta Bowl KFC Mini Bucket of Fries

I hope we can do this again! And maybe next time, we’ll drag our Donna Isabelle along.


I don’t mind having these awesome things (believe me, I don’t), I know that the most important thing this season, is not clothes or fancy eyeliners or “bonggaceous” food, its being grateful and sharing the love with everyone around we cherish. I am so grateful to have an awesome family, friends, and partner in life. I pray that God will continue to bless me and those around me.

And I pray that everyone have Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.


Our “Wild” Friday Night

While others were partying and drinking till their stomachs bleed and having the time of their lives…

There we were…

Braiding each other’s hair while watching tutorials…

We were so engrossed watching braid tutorials we ended up trying them. In this photo, I did (for the very first time) a “waterfall” braid on my friend Darlyn. (Left: Curly. Right: Straight)

We could’ve gone out and flaunt our new-found talent, but… no. We had bacon instead.

Our mom’s should be proud!