About me


Yet another blog… another introduction.

Kristine, but my friends call me Tinay. I’m 21, currently working in my beloved Jeddah as an Administrative Assistant in a hospital.

I love art, digital art mostly. I still dream of becoming a photographer. I served as a photojournalist for my university’s publications for two years. Like most photographers, I love capturing moments, memories… and sometimes bossing around and telling others how to pose (Muehehe). I love reading, mostly historical fiction, fiction, … things I know that don’t exist but wish they do (I would rather be at Hogwarts). But of course, I grab some from other genres based on my friends’ suggestions.

I grew up abroad, in Jeddah, KSA, along with my younger sister Khea who is 3 years younger than me. Twelve years in Jeddah and all I learned was “wahid, ithnin, talatha” (1-2-3). The Filipino community there was huge so I didn’t really make learning Arabic my priority since there was so many Filipinos to talk to instead. Besides, its not like the Arabs don’t know how to speak English, its because of them I had to kick my English skills into high gear. Thanks to my twelve-year-long stay in Jeddah, I learned that there is beauty in diversity, in both nationality and religion. To those people who view Muslims as terrorists and other horrible stuff… SHAME ON YOU. You people watch too much TV. I have a lot of Muslim friends, close friends, and they are no different from Christians, Bhuddists, or whatever religion there may be. Not everyone experiences growing up on foreign lands with different beliefs, I was lucky, but still, we should all keep an open mind.

I am in love. ❤  I am in love with a great guy, an awesome guy. Down to earth, faithful, and hilarious. I do believe I finally hit the jackpot. My love life has been like my programming studies… Trial and Error. I’ve had my share of heartaches, walks of shame, branding of the scarlet letter, and fortunately, it has all come to an end. Thanks to my Aladdin (yes, that is his name, and no… it wasn’t from the cartoon).

Right now, we’re in our beta test of a Long Distance Relationship. Man, it’s hard. We were so used to seeing each other every day. But, we gotta make a living. We get by, thanks to technology. We gotta work it and hopefully pull through. (CAN I GET A BOOYAH?!)


My goal in life is actually simple. To fulfill my promise to my hardworking parents the house they deserve…

My inspiration

My inspiration

… to provide for my sister’s schooling, to marry  the love of my life , have our own house, preferably here in Iloilo with my own walk-in closet, and start a business with my friends Darlyn and Donna. Oooh! And have a bikini ready body, yeah… I don’t mind that.

I know, dull, right? Well, maybe not that dull, just simple.

Now, “The Pearly Panty Gates”

Why, you ask? I really didn’t think it through. I remember my sister and I surfing the net, and landed on the weird side of it. We found this site for euphemisms, and being the “mature” young ladies that we are, we clicked on the euphemisms for the lady parts. It was so catchy I couldn’t get it out of my head. My sister laughed so much (I love her laugh) and every time she heard it, she laughs. So maybe that’s why it stuck. Were you expecting some deeper meaning behind it? I was hoping for a deeper meaning (no pun intended) , but this is what I got. Deal with it.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Tinay – thank you for liking my “Young Girl” image so quickly this early morning – must be some kind of record! I like your blog – you have good pictures here! Thanks again! FATman

    • Heehee. It’s a beautiful photo, it deserved a like. Thank you! It means so much, especially coming from an amazing photographer such as yourself (I’m such a spaz). I’m still learning and striving to improve, but I’m glad you think they’re good. 🙂

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