Follow the path of most resistance

21st Century Adventurer

Most people do not want too much adventure in their lives. Adventure means stepping out into the unknown and into the wild places of this world. It means abandoning the well-trodden, familiar, safe and conventional path in life. It means breaking out of your comfort zone and confronting your own fears, your own demons.

This article is for those people who do not conform to the herd mentality. The adventurers, the entrepreneurs, the mavericks, the wanderers, the vagabonds, the rebels and the dreamers. We are faced with the problem that going your own way in life is often a solitary road. Separating yourself from the majority of people who are sleepwalking their way through life is not easy. The path of least resistance is always there, and everyone will be constantly encouraging you to take it.


It is one thing to write about adventure when you are already on the…

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