1D, You FINALLY Got to Me

Let’s take a moment of silence for my dignity for I, Tinay, has finally fallen for… One Direction.

Damn it.

I don’t exactly hate the group, they just didn’t tickle my fancy before. But with their new song and video entitled “Story of my Life,” my cold shoulder finally melted.

Louis & Zayn, Momma Tinay is diggin you!

The song itself is pretty nice. I love the build-up right before the chorus. As for the lyrics… I really don’t know how to translate it. Some “meanings” I saw on the web says the song is about a girlfriend (typical) and other says it’s about their families (particularly their mothers) and how that fame is changing them or taking them away from their loved ones. You can see one commenter’s translation here.

I prefer the family related translation… right until the word “baby” was used in the lyrics. You wouldn’t call your Mom “baby” now, would you? But, maybe I just don’t know how to appreciate the lyrics of the song, sorry.

The video, on the other hand, was pretty cool. It starts off with One Direction developing pictures… not with a printer… like “DEVELOP”-develop pictures. It featured photos from their childhood and each recreated the memories. It was quite touching to watch.

All in all, I really enjoyed the song and the video. You win, One Direction, hopefully this won’t be your last awesome song and video.


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