Happy 1st Blog-aversary!

Well, waddya know?

The Pearly Panty Gates is now a year old! Yay!

I would just like to express how this blog really helped me get through the past year. It served as a great outlet for all my thoughts, ideas, and experiences, and is a fun means of communication for me and my friends Darlyn, Donna (who needs to update her blog soon coz I miss her), & Rico (who just recently joined. Welcome, rookie!).

Thank you to those who liked, followed, and shared their thoughts on my posts.

Since this The Pearly Panty Gates is mainly a journal, it has a variety (understatement right there) of topics depending on the state of my ever fickle mind. Hopefully during this blog’s second year, I can find that one field where I can focus on like Darlyn who now is becoming the fashionista-pretty-girl she actually is.

To those who’ve been visiting my blog, thank you and I hope that my experiences, thoughts, and ideas inspire you in some way. And also wish more power to you and your blogs. Thank you to WordPress for giving me a home on the Internet.

If you don’t have a blog, go and make one! There’s nothing to lose and only more to gain.

Here’s to another good year for The Pearly Panty Gates!


6 thoughts on “Happy 1st Blog-aversary!

  1. That was an unintended play on words, btw. Hehe.

    I really don’t know yet. I love both. I might lean on Graphic Design more and bounce back on my photography after I buy a new DSLR (sorry Ol’ Herc, but Momma Tinay needs a new one).

    Also, I want to dive into… wait for it… KNITTING! I have 6 tabs open on my browser solely about knitting. So arts & crafts is an option I’m looking at.

    • I’m so glad to hear that you’re thinking about getting a new camera. I miss looking at your photos. And knitting? Kind of unexpected but still cool. Please post photos of your projects! 🙂

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