Letters to Morla : Trying on Face Masks

Envious little cretin, aren’t I?


I got really inspired by your posts. My skin too needed some TLC.

I put make-up everyday, and sometimes I get so exhausted I forget to wash it off and go directly to bed. It’s really taking it’s toll on my skin.

I still put on moisturizer day and night (when I remember to wash off my make-up, that is). At least I got that going.

For the past two months, I used Pond’s Flawless White (Day & Night). Mom’s choice.


Can’t complain about it. When it comes to keeping my face moisturized, it does the trick. Smells nice, too. Don’t know if I’m getting any fairer though.

Time came when we ran out of it. The neares store didn’t have any so Mom bought Pond’s Age Defense for now.

I have no complaints at the moment.

Anyway, I wanted to try facemasks so I bought these:

The one on the left is for the dark circles under my eyes, which desperately need some lovin.

The other is for whitening and revitalizing.

Got them for SR 10 each which is about P 120 each.

I’ll try ’em out later and do some before & after pics as well.

Here’s to lovin our skin!

Yours truly,

6 thoughts on “Letters to Morla : Trying on Face Masks

    • Too soon to tell on it’s effects. After the first two tries for both, I was constantly looking at the mirror for results. Impatient, I am. I’ll do this for the remainder of November and whole of December and post results.

      I actually want to do the homemade versions. So it’s Michelle-Phan-marathon for me!

    • I’m quite satisfied with the Eye Contour Whitening Mask. I leave it on my eyes when I sleep and wake up to a much more refreshed face compared to when I wasn’t using it.

      But I wouldn’t give it a 5-star rating just yet, too soon. But you go on ahead and buy a pack and tell me about it later 🙂

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