A Green Habit


I’ve heard so many great things about green tea and thought I should finally give it a try.

Gotta admit… doesn’t have the best taste (for me), but it’s bearable.

I only use one teaspoon of sugar in my green tea. I was gonna put like 2 or 3 just to make it taste good… but it’ll defeat the purpose of why I started it.

My office pantry offers free coffee and tea… and I plan on taking advantage of that.

Other than my plan on making a habit out of drinking Green Tea… I also renewed my membership in my old Badminton Club, Smash Arabia.


Ate Grace about to do the “Smash of Despair” move



New Shoes. Yay!


Hopefully my current actions will develop into a healthy habit.

Here’s to a greener and more active lifestyle!

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