A Change in Lifestyle

There is no question that I am one Baskin Robins’ biggest fan & a lover of Ferrero chocolate.

As I gaze inside my fridge and see thy chocolate beauty, I swoon.

Mint Chocolate Chip + Chocolate Chip = Happy2 Tinay

My love for sweets scares me. I always find a way to get access or an excuse to eat these sweets and that scares me even more.

I came across this article by “...As You Like It…” titled “Living with Diabetes.” Everytime I hear that word (Diabetes), I cringe a little bit. We had a family friend (who was also our flatmate) who was diagnosed with Diabetes (don’t know which type) and he had to control EVERYTHING he ate and medications round the clock. I tried to picture myself in that situation and I don’t think I’d handle it very well.

Not to mention that my family has a history of Diabetes, my grandmother on my mother’s side (God bless her soul) had it. That + my current eating habits is frightening.

I admire those who are fighting this battle head on and I pray that they & their loved ones always have the strength, courage, & optimism to carry on.

Reading articles about diabetes (or any other chronic diseases for that matter) and knowing personally from friends & family it’s effects really motivates me to change my eating habits & lifestyle not to just to fit into a skimpy bathing suit but to be able to enjoy life to the fullest… go through my time where only old age can greet me in the end.


2 thoughts on “A Change in Lifestyle

  1. Your posts never fail to make me think, Tinay. My family has a history of diabetes on both sides, but I forget that every time I see a Snickers bar. Also, we smoke, so that might add more complications in the future. We should really try to be healthier. Let’s start in 2014? Lol.

    • enough thinking… we need action! Hehe. I’m really cutting down on my smoking. So far, like 1 cigarette every 3 days. Baby Steps.

      Also, I’m cutting down on sugar on my coffee as well. I used to add 2 and a half teaspoons on mine, now I only use one (or barely enough to fill a teaspoon). It’s bitter, but I’m getting used to it.

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