New Books: Room, The Ocean at the End of the Lane and more

It was high time Khea and I bought new books, also it was payday, which means it’s another wonderful trip to Jarir Bookstore!


I chose Neil Gaiman’s “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” and Emma Donoghue’s “Room” which was highly recommended by my friend Darlyn.

My sister Khea chose Lian Tanner’s “Museum of Thieves” which is Book one of the series and Jay Asher’s “Thirteen Reasons Why.” She picked up the latter saying “it keeps showing up everywhere so I finally picked it up to be over with.”

I was going to buy Veronica Roth’s “Allegiant” since I fell in love with the first two books “Divergent” & “Insurgent.” But unfortunately “somebody” thought it would be fun to post spoilers on Facebook, the kind of spoiler that makes you want to punch a hole through your screen. I lost the urge to buy it then.

I’m pretty happy with the ones we bought, so is my sister.

I just know I’m gonna cry my eyes out on “Room.” Prepare your shoulder for my tears, Darlyn.


Loot: Olay Day & Night Moisturizing Cream & Gentle Face Wash

Mom went to the grocery without me and remembered I wanted to try Olay for a change. I failed to mention that I wanted the 7 Total Effects one.

She bought these instead:




They came together in one promo box, so I guess Mom got enticed by the bargain price of SR 40 (P 400). Not bad… not bad.

Like my friend Darlyn, I have combination skin, dry around the cheeks while oily on my T-zone and forehead (boo!).

The night cream seems promising since it says it focuses on normal/dry/combo skin.

The day cream on the other hand just says normal/dry. But I guess that’s okay.

The face wash, like the night cream, is for normal/dry/combination skin. I’ve already used it. It lathers up real nice and removes make-up as well.

Did I mention they smell nice as well? Both the creams have a powdery kind of fragrance while the wash is clean and a bit minty.

I’m gonna use these to the last drop and post my review. And maybe buy toner.

Remember, skin products deliver results when used regularly.

How about you? What’s your skin regimen?

1D, You FINALLY Got to Me

Let’s take a moment of silence for my dignity for I, Tinay, has finally fallen for… One Direction.

Damn it.

I don’t exactly hate the group, they just didn’t tickle my fancy before. But with their new song and video entitled “Story of my Life,” my cold shoulder finally melted.

Louis & Zayn, Momma Tinay is diggin you!

The song itself is pretty nice. I love the build-up right before the chorus. As for the lyrics… I really don’t know how to translate it. Some “meanings” I saw on the web says the song is about a girlfriend (typical) and other says it’s about their families (particularly their mothers) and how that fame is changing them or taking them away from their loved ones. You can see one commenter’s translation here.

I prefer the family related translation… right until the word “baby” was used in the lyrics. You wouldn’t call your Mom “baby” now, would you? But, maybe I just don’t know how to appreciate the lyrics of the song, sorry.

The video, on the other hand, was pretty cool. It starts off with One Direction developing pictures… not with a printer… like “DEVELOP”-develop pictures. It featured photos from their childhood and each recreated the memories. It was quite touching to watch.

All in all, I really enjoyed the song and the video. You win, One Direction, hopefully this won’t be your last awesome song and video.

F*ck You Too, Brain

Seriously, why do you do that?!

So we saw “its” face again (thank you FB notifications for the triggers)… so we tried to open “its” page… so we’re still blocked.

Did you have to make me dream of “it” though? No. You’re just a big prick, like “it.”

All we saw was a tiny thumbnail of “its” profile picture. It was enough to burst open the dam of unshed tears. That dream, was the most awesome dream… you sick bastard brain, you.

Picnic. Paris. Burgers. Cheesecake. A lost contact lens.

Waking up at 3 in the morning, tear ducts overused due to happiness & misery at the same time, is not a good thing, brain.

That goes for you too, “it.”

Letter to an “Old Friend” : Forgotten Credits

In the event that you stumble upon and see that I’ve used your photos on my header…

Not bad, eh?

Just add in your “Things-That-B*tch-Tinay-Did-And-I-Will-Not-Forgive” list. Or does it go by another name?

You did give them to me. And I won’t blame you if you want them back so you can delete them or whatever.

But do know that I love these shots. It made me look good & decent, thanks to your good eye & photography skills.

We had so much fun doing this, and I’ll never forget it.

Who knows…maybe in a couple decades we’ll be okay. It’s highly unlikely, but… meh… maybe.

Happy 1st Blog-aversary!

Well, waddya know?

The Pearly Panty Gates is now a year old! Yay!

I would just like to express how this blog really helped me get through the past year. It served as a great outlet for all my thoughts, ideas, and experiences, and is a fun means of communication for me and my friends Darlyn, Donna (who needs to update her blog soon coz I miss her), & Rico (who just recently joined. Welcome, rookie!).

Thank you to those who liked, followed, and shared their thoughts on my posts.

Since this The Pearly Panty Gates is mainly a journal, it has a variety (understatement right there) of topics depending on the state of my ever fickle mind. Hopefully during this blog’s second year, I can find that one field where I can focus on like Darlyn who now is becoming the fashionista-pretty-girl she actually is.

To those who’ve been visiting my blog, thank you and I hope that my experiences, thoughts, and ideas inspire you in some way. And also wish more power to you and your blogs. Thank you to WordPress for giving me a home on the Internet.

If you don’t have a blog, go and make one! There’s nothing to lose and only more to gain.

Here’s to another good year for The Pearly Panty Gates!

Letters to Morla : Trying on Face Masks

Envious little cretin, aren’t I?


I got really inspired by your posts. My skin too needed some TLC.

I put make-up everyday, and sometimes I get so exhausted I forget to wash it off and go directly to bed. It’s really taking it’s toll on my skin.

I still put on moisturizer day and night (when I remember to wash off my make-up, that is). At least I got that going.

For the past two months, I used Pond’s Flawless White (Day & Night). Mom’s choice.


Can’t complain about it. When it comes to keeping my face moisturized, it does the trick. Smells nice, too. Don’t know if I’m getting any fairer though.

Time came when we ran out of it. The neares store didn’t have any so Mom bought Pond’s Age Defense for now.

I have no complaints at the moment.

Anyway, I wanted to try facemasks so I bought these:

The one on the left is for the dark circles under my eyes, which desperately need some lovin.

The other is for whitening and revitalizing.

Got them for SR 10 each which is about P 120 each.

I’ll try ’em out later and do some before & after pics as well.

Here’s to lovin our skin!

Yours truly,