Letters to Donna & Morla: Let him not be like Donna’s “Dead Cat”

Dear b*tches,


But seriously, how are you guys? Morla, aka, Darlyn, is obviously head over heels based on her blogs. How bout you, Don? Law school treating you okay?

Anyway, I know both of you are curious as to what my previous blog is about. I know by now, you already have an inkling (lol understatement) as to what happened.

We’re currently working things out. Apparently, Aladdin’s been having his “man-struation.” He’s been so idle that he can’t help but think about anything and everything… including my shameful act. I can’t blame him. He’s usually so active and on-the-go, I can’t imagine him being idle. He has an interview this Friday. Hopefully he’ll get the job.

What’s up with the title, you say? Well, like I said in my previous blog, it seems that Aladdin is going through a phase (as Donna put it)… what’s worse is… he’s going through He-who-must-not-be-named (aka Donna’s former “Cat”) Phase.

You’re right, Don… he sounds like the Dead Cat. Oh, but I certainly hope he doesn’t act like him. I get relief in the fact that I know he’s better than that. And I do sincerely hope it’s just a phase. It’s been six months since we last saw each other, it’s the longest I’ve ever been in a long distance relationship. It’s tough. It doesn’t help that we might not see each other on my vacation next year, coz he might be on a ship by then. ARGH! This is harder than I expected.

He says he can feel himself changing a bit. What kind of change, I don’t know… he doesn’t know either. I don’t want him to change… but I know it’s something I cannot control.

I am doing everything I can to be good at this LDR thing. I focus on work, on family, I rarely go out (it’s kinda hard to spread your wings here), and I mostly read & do artwork… and maybe window shop when I get the chance.

Speaking of which, Darlyn, I found the most amaaaaaazing cardigan in H&M last week. It is so you! I couldn’t take a picture coz the salesmen were giving me the evil eye. But for sure you’d buy it in a heartbeat. I also found one for you, Don. leather jacket, sorta biker-ish but more chic. As for your beau, Darlyn, he asked me for a black thobe. Why? You ask him. I’ll try to find something better (and affordable).

Back to me (narcissistic, much?), I’m doing what I can to make my relationship with Aladdin work. Just pray that we pull through.

He says he loves me with all his heart and he would not think of abandoning me. He just wanted to let me know that he’s human and he might make mistakes. And that this LDR is not easy as he thought. I told him to try his best the same way I am. I don’t want to lose him… and I hope he doesn’t want to lose me. He says he doesn’t want to lose me, I hope it’s true.

It’s weird, huh? Before, I would’ve believed him in a millisecond. But after this… It’s like I don’t trust him (bad karma, wouldn’t you say?).

It’s like I don’t know him anymore…

… and I’m scared.


9 thoughts on “Letters to Donna & Morla: Let him not be like Donna’s “Dead Cat”

  1. What is happening to our menfolk?!?!?!?! Why are they slowly becoming infected with the dreaded Asshole Cat disease? To quote Josh, manwhoring around town isn’t as easy as The Evil Cat seems to think. It requires a certain smoothness that only certain boys are blessed with. But, in all seriousness, I really don’t want to place Aladdin in the same category as Arnie Liberna. It’s like putting a beautiful Persian cat in the same cage as a vicious hyena. Unthinkable.

    I don’t really know what’s going on between the two of you, but I hope you manage to work things out.

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