Goodbye, lil bump.

Today, Papa is going to surgery. It’s nothing too severe, thank God, but it’s still pretty nerve-wrecking. Poor Papa couldn’t sleep last night. He’s so adorable.

Papa has this soft lump on his right elbow. Here’s what it looks like. (Image from Google)


I dunno why, but the first thing that came to mind was the C-word (Thank you internet).

After his MRI scan, we managed to kick out the dreaded C-word from our heads. It turns out he had Olecranon Bursitis or “student’s elbow.” Actually it has a lot more names asides from the two I mentioned.

Doctor said that a simple procedure which mostly involves a small incision and suction ought to kiss that lump good bye.



That’s him about twenty minutes before being taken to the OR.

It’s been about an hour and a half. Nurse just came in to say they’re about to finish with Papa.

Here’s to Papa’s speedy recovery. 🙂


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