Trust is like paper…

You can tear it apart and put it back together… but it wont be the same.

My constant need for social interaction is pitiful.

My real friends are not around, so I settle for the not-so-real friends to satiate my hunger for socializing.

WTF is wrong with me?! It’s like I don’t have any self respect. God, I’m pathetic.

Message to self:

Get a grip, Tinay! Don’t you get it? Those people you call “friends” don’t wanna be with you! You had to find out from someone else that they hung out last week without you! Even after all those times you asked them out. Take the hint, you beautiful idiot!

I actually asked this “friend” of mine if it was true. I needed to hear her side, right? A violent reaction doesn’t actually make me want to dismiss the issue any less.

Wanna know how pathetic I am? Here… I actually ended up apologizing for upsetting her with my “accusations.”

Wow. It’s nice to know I can still surprise myself with how pathetic I can be.

There’s this quote:

Don’t make someone a priority when, to them, you are only an option.

I don’t think I’m even an option.

I just have to admit the fact that… I don’t belong with them.

That they don’t trust me.

And that deep down inside…

I actually don’t trust them.


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