Letters to Morla (6): Hair colors & songs

Dear Morla,

Please don’t let Donna chop her hair off.

As I said in reply to her comment, she ain’t got that uhh… girly- pamby-soft kind of … appearance… to balance such an edgy cut.

We both know she’s more of the sporty – bookish charm kind of girl (just the way we like it).

Unless of course she uses eye liner (even just eye liner) to complement the do.

If she really desires to change her hair, go for color. Dye it a bit lighter, like copper or chocolate brown. And layer her hair a bit so that it’ll frame her face. Shaping her (and yours) brows won’t hurt (actually, it does but, you know what I mean).

I miss you guys too. Really.

There is so much I miss about you guys that I can’t put it in writing (at least not now, coz I’m at work).

Till the next letter,



About the playlist, add that song you kept singing before “I’m just a summer a girl.. blah blah blah… who needs a boyfriend? I got my girl friends… ”



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