Letters to Donna (2) : Haircut Ala Basha

Dearest Donna,


Please don’t.


Go with the last haircut you had… the one where I accompanied you. Maybe color your hair lighter. Ask Darlyn, she has an eye for these things.

But please, don’t chop of your hair. You’re not feminine enough (no offense) to don such a boyish cut. Unless, that’s what’s you’re going for, then by all means.


The moving on thing… BY.ALL.MEANS.

I know it’s hard, and not enough beer can drown your sorrows (and that a**hole), but with enough time (and beer), you’ll find yourself looking back to that twerp and laugh. Maybe even give your “old self” a slap in the face for not doing it sooner.

You’ll get there, I’m sure.

You’ll see that he’s the best thing you never had (I got Beyonce playing on my phone). And he’ll realize that he gave up being with the wisest, coolest, & greatest diver in the world.

Lots of love,



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