It’s Time to Care…

The CEO of our hospital gave this speech earlier this week.

It was heartwarming & inspiring. He talked about having faith in ourselves and that IT’S TIME TO CARE.

He ended his speech with a quote:

It’s time to care;

It’s time to take responsibility;

It’s time to lead;

it’s time for a change;

it’s time to be true to our greatest self;

It’s time to stop blaming others.

Kinda thought he was speaking to me… just me.

But I wasn’t the only one who thought that.

Little did I know, my co-worker (and now one of my good friends) was planning to leave the hospital. She said that she had been thinking about it for months. That she wanted to pursue a career in her own field which was IT.

“I prayed to Allah,” she said. “I asked him that if this is the path I should take that he guide me into it. If this is not the right decision, please take it away,” she said. She was the kind of person who believes in signs.

Our CEO’s speech was that sign. “It’s time to be true to our greatest self.”

IT companies & offices called her & asked if they could interview her. Needless to say she was thrilled. I told her that even though I would like her to stay, that I would like it even more if she followed her true passion. That she had more to lose if she didn’t.

“Ahhh… I remember when I was in the exact same situation you’re in now,” I told her..

She said to me, “No, it’s different. You are still very young. This is just a first step for you. You have a lot of chances, I’m sure. As for me…” she didn’t end her sentence, but I knew what she meant.

I just patted her plump shoulder and said “You’ll be fine. That’s what you told me before and I have faith that you’ll be just fine.”

She smiled at me and said, “Pray for me, okay?”

And I will.


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