Letters to Morla (4) : Hand of God & Bunch of other stuff

Sweet zombie Cheesus. Hand of God?!

Oh Rico… *sigh*

Maybe I can take a smidge of credit… but no hand of God stuff there. Maybe it was just really meant to be. Serendipity? (I love that movie)

Whatever it was, I’m glad it happened. Seems like you and me Granson are doing great! I read one of you blogs where he tried to hold your hand while you were eating a hamburger and you said no because it was greasy. Yet, he held it anyway. I was like “Awwww.” Good thing I was alone in the office or else my boss would’ve caught me “surfin’ on the job.”

You & Rico just keep doin what you do, & you’ll be fine. Stay honest, try to do different stuff when you see each other so you won’t get in a rut. I really like that “Five for Five” you two are doing. Kinda wish Aladdin liked to read. Then again, he kinda wished I liked to play ball (oh but I do… *sexual innuendo right there* ).

Speaking of sexual innuendos, has the cherry been err… popped yet? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Regarding that bit about me “building walls”, yeah, that’s still happening. Though it’s a little better now. Guess I was just being uber emotional. And yes, I really do want to go home to Iloilo. Mostly because you & Donna are there (ultra gaaaaaay!). But I understand why you want to get out of there. Just a change of scenery, perhaps? Who knows, you might get that chance. The three of us could do it together when Donna is (as she would put it) “a big shot lawyer.”

By the way, Donna & I have been thinking about our plan to do business together. That maybe we could start saving up for capital. Just pitch in every month bit by bit. Even if it’s just 500 or 200 pesos a month, it’s fine. I don’t mind starting end of October. Are you up for it? Think about it, our own bar “Ye Old Pub” (emphasis on the “Pub” part). Think it over, okay? Then you & Donna open the account and just send me the details.

Before we know it, we’ll have enough to… buy a sign maybe. Hehe. It’s a win-win, if we don’t pursue it, the money will just go back to us as savings, if it’ll go through, then we’re halfway to our dream of becoming our own bosses. *Sigh*

About the books, I still have a lot of books from you that I haven’t read yet. They just keep piling up (and I kinda like it. Hehe). On my next trip to Jarir Bookstore, I’ll pick up a copy of Persuasion and that other book you mentioned, The Diviners? Don’t worry, I’ll look it up.

Let’s discuss the Darcy vs Wentworth on our next letter, shall we?

Till next time, friend.

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