Letters to Donna (1): Couldn’t I have been a pretty hairy mole?

Dear Donna,

At last! You finally found the time to start a, yet another, blog.

Reading your letter, I got to the part where you absentmindedly walked in the direction of my old apartment. Kinda bummed me out & touched me at the same time. I can relate though. The first few times I got out from work, I had sudden urges to text you you & Darlyn to come by my place and have a drink. Then I’ll remember that you’re thousands of miles away and I just stare at a screen with a recipient but no message.

But, we’ll get by. Just think of the celebration we’re gonna have once we get together again. Oh the drunken chaos we’ll bring! Though I won’t be smoking anymore, coz we’ll be vaaaaaapiiiiiing!

How’s law school, btw? Based on your “cheery” description of it, you seem to be having fun. Hehe. Don’t worry, you’ll do great. I have faith that you will be that “Big Shot Lawyer” you keep telling me about. “Ye Old Pub” is gonna need you for it’s legal department. I wrote to Darlyn about pursuing the idea of having a business together. Hope she agrees. 500 a month can go a long way.

Anyways… I miss you guys so much. Now that you have a blog again, I’ll look forward to your letters.

Your hairy little mole,



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