Letters to Morla (3): Feeling so Wonderfully Gay

Dear Morla,

First of all, I had some free time, so here you go:

ImageSecondly, your letter (though not as gay as mine was) means a lot to me. I hate that we’re apart. Though I try to “blend” in here (it’s as if I didn’t grow up here), I still find myself longing for my life there in Iloilo.

Yes, I remember that day you got your braces removed and begged you to come with me to Sabee’s for moral support (it was “St. Patrick’s” day). Aren’t you glad I dragged you there? Haha! Ever since you & Rico hit it off, both of you kept thanking me. Why? I wasn’t playing Cupid, you two don’t owe me. Somehow, the fates conspired for you two to meet (how gay do I sound right now?). I’m just glad be a part of how you two met.

Please convince Donna to use her WordPress once in a while so that we can do this “Letter” thing with her. Hehe. I really miss you guys.

Looking forward to your next letter,



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