Moving Out of Facebook

Recent events has got me into thinking to maybe move on from the FB drama to a social network where I can be more productive. You know, more freedom, less drama… less prejudice?

There’s only one place I’d like to call my Home Sweet Homepage, and that’s my WordPress account.

Now, why make such a move? Most of my connections are in FB. People can reach me easier there, I’ll be more up to date on others through FB. All of the above are true.

It’s just tiring I guess. 7 out of 10 of my FB “friends” don’t even like or know me (and vice versa). And the prejudice! Tsk. People add you on Facebook not because they want to know you better (at least not at first), but mostly to confirm if what they’ve heard about you is true.

“Is that really her?”

“Is that her boyfriend?”

“Is she pregnant?”

“Why is <insert mutual friend’s name> friends with this girl?”

And once they become among your “friends”, they’ll get updated on whatever you post and they assume they have a right to share it. Then again, if you post something on Facebook, you’re basically letting them spread whatever it is you shared.

The point is, Facebook for me isn’t for “friends” anymore. It’s for gossip & stalking. I’ve had it. So I’m really planning on deactivating mine.

The problem is, what about those genuine friends of mine that who uses Facebook as a main form of communication?

That part, I don’t know. But for now, I just want some distance from all the drama that seems to emanate from FB. I’ve tried to defend myself a couple of times, it just blew up in my face ‘coz people thought I was covering up something. (Pfft)

I feel the same way, only with WordPress not so much Twitter.

I feel a lot more freedom here on WordPress. Maybe its because people here are less prejudiced because what they know about you is from your personal posts, not from heresay. I appreciate that.


Am I ready to declare The Pearly Panty Gates my only Home Sweet Homepage?


I do have a twitter account. But maybe not for long. 😛



2 thoughts on “Moving Out of Facebook

  1. I totally agree with getting rid of facebook. There’s just a whole lot of drama and prejudice. I got rid of mine and I feel much better. xx Have a lovely day dear.

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