Re-watching Dumbo at 22: Why do I do this to myself?

Last night, my sister and I watched an old favorite movie: Dumbo.

And of course, there were waterworks. I mean come on, it’s Dumbo.

You know that feeling when you re-watch an old movie you watched as a kid and realizing the movie was deeper than you remembered? You thought it was all just an ordinary story & lots of catchy tunes, then you watch it at age 22 and BAM! Whaddya know, you get sucked into that deeper-moral-lesson-you-didn’t-realize-it-had zone. Like Dumbo wasn’t heartbreaking already.

To 6 year old me, the chatty elephants, these bi***es right here:

Die Bi***es! Die!

were just gossipy & harmless but now, I just wanna skin those gossipy pachyderms for causing emotional & mental harm to me! Uhhh… I mean uhh… Dumbo… yeah… to Dumbo.

.How dare they make fun of dear old Jumbo Jr. I mean look at that face!


Thank you Mr. Stork for bringin’ Jumbo Jr aaaaaall the way to Mrs. Jumbo.


“Here is a baby with eyes of blue, straight from heaven right to you.

That’s one beak you got there, Mr. Stork!

The “Baby Mine” part became 10x depressing watching it at age 22 (after that scene, we paused it, ran to Mom teary eyed and cuddled her and she was like “Whaaaaat?”).

ImageOMG. *Sob*

The “Pink Elephants On Parade” was still as creepy as ever. Actually, it gets creepier every time I watch it. Wonderfully creepy.


Now, every poor orphan needs to have some sort of mentor/father figure (or talent manager in this case). That’s where this guy comes along.


Without you, dear old Timothy Q. Mouse, what would’ve happened to our precious Dumbo? I love you.

Oh Dumbo, you never disappoint. You are such a wonderful movie with an awesome soundtrack (I got “When I See An Elephant Fly” stuck in my head).

If I didn’t care much for my tear ducts, I’d watch this again later (over & over).


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