Taking Extra Classes

Almost four months I’ve not been with my Aladdin. Both of us are adapting pretty well and Aladdin is on his way to an apprenticeship (undergoing BLS training and others)  while I have been working as an Administrative Assistant in a high-end hospital. Pay is good and I’m already contributing to buy my family’s first house.

The long distance thing so far has been “meh.” Aladdin has limited access to internet while I have limited access to time. Not to mention the 5 hour time difference. Ugh. But we get by. I text and he replies through my roaming number (which is cheaper compared to replying to my foreign number).

Both of us have a goal that after I finish contributing for my family’s house and after he finishes contributing to renovate theirs and other obligations, we’ll process his papers to get here in Jeddah where he can work in the same city as I do. I told him that while his doing his apprenticeship, he should find the time to take some classes in TESDA (free classes & short courses) to add to his skills which will strengthen his chances of finding a job here in Jeddah (or anywhere for that matter). He’s not book smart, but he is street & skill smart. Though I wouldn’t mind him being better in English (though my English isn’t perfect, I am a bit of a grammar nazi).

Anyways, I am encouraging him to take classes because I know he will benefit from them. Its hard to admit sometimes that I don’t trust his “academics” (he was more of an athlete than a scholar), I can’t say it to his face afraid that I might hurt him. He’s hard working (seriously), honest, & humble. But sometimes lacks the cunning to be in the real world. I don’t want to imagine people looking down on him, its bad enough that I sometimes do (credential-wise). Let’s face facts, you don’t hire someone based solely on humility & kindness (both qualities, my Aladdin is a shoe in).

Last time we talked, he told me that he will inquire in TESDA and enroll when he gets the opportunity. I was pleased since he was showing interest in self-improvement. I mean, what harm can it do? I myself want to enroll in a few classes (maybe Sign Language & a Business related one). Extra skills can’t hurt.

I won’t be there all the time to help him along and I want to make sure he has enough to get him through. I just want him to be the best that he can be. Maybe I shouldn’t worry too much. I worried a lot when were together, how much more when we’re apart? WHY AM I SUCH A WORRYWART?!

I just want what’s best for him. I’m sure he knows that. I thank God that his older siblings are helping him along in his new life in Manila.

God has been good, though I may not be a devout, I believe in His love & plan for us. I just need to have more faith and continue to pray for the best.


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