Letters to Morla: 1


Dearest Morla,

What the hell happened to that so called “pact?” Is this whole “letter” thing another one? ‘Coz I like it.

It’s been almost four months since we last saw each other. I remember the last time we hung out drinking on my balcony and you plotted to make me cry with a sappy song but ended up crying yourself. Ain’t karma swift?

Last we were together, you were single and somewhat adorably bitter. Not anymore, eh? And who would’ve thought you’d be with one of my best friends, Rico? Oh, dearest Rico, my “Granson.” Donna and I didn’t entertain the idea of you and him ‘coz of… well… you know… the last time we “meddled.” Do you know how hard it was to contain our “kiligs” and meddling impulses? But it paid off, ‘coz we would’ve wanted for you two to fall by yourselves rather than be brutally hit by our drunken cupid arrows. I really wish you both the best. God knows how much you two deserve to be happy in love. Aaaaaaand, you may finally get to use that smexy corset Donna and I bought for you four years ago! Huzzah!

I never realized how much you, Donna, & Rico mattered in my sappy life until I left Iloilo. Seriously, I thought it was just hangin’ out & drinkin’ & stuff… but it was more than that. Our escapades were my painkillers, my “happy pills.” *Sigh*

I just really miss you guys. It’s bad enough Aladdin and I are apart. And I have no access to liquor here (OH NOES). Not to mention I eat how I feel… bad. I had to buy new pants! *Sobs with a drumstick in my mouth*

I can have my vacation next year. Hopefully by July or August. I’m already counting the days. Say hi to Donna, Rico, Josh, & Jeff for me.

Looking forward to your letter.

Your boobalicious friend,



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