Neglectful Tinay

Oh dear…

The promise… wait, no… PROMISES… I’ve made…. 


1. Lose weight (recurring promise)

2. Maintain my blog

I haven’t done any of those two. I am ashamed. 😦

Well, where my weight’s concerned… still stuck at 68kg. Just like I’ve always been since high school. ARGH. I am not trying hard enough, and it shows. I actually want to go to the gym, but I get so lonely. Plus, it ain’t cheap. But… enough excuses! It’s 2013! I’ll be 22! And in a few months, I’ll go back to Jeddah and face people from my past… I wanna look good so I can tell them “THAT’S RIGHT, I HAVE BEEN DOING GREAT!”

So, what am I going to do? This SATURDAY (January 12), I am going back to Star Slimmers (my old gym), and get a one month membership… gotta start small. Last time I went there, I signed up for a day… then a week… eventually a 2-week membership. I was making great progress until I realized I had no money left and ended up pawning one of my phones. Hehe… (no… not funny). Gotta sacrifice some of my allowance if I really want to make a change… no pain, no gain. Sorry awesome-new-pants-on-sale-at-SM, gotta let you go this time!


And about my blog… I remember making a promise with my good friend Darlyn, to remind her to update her blog at least 3 times a week and she the same to me. I haven’t been doing that, and neither has she. WE REALLY ARE FRIENDS! Hehehe. I’m updating it NOW! This counts! :3


I’ll be more diligent in updating this blog… it’s a project I wanna continue for as long as I can. ❤