Christmas 2012 At Darlyn’s

For the past 3 years, my sister and I spend our Christmases simple and alone. It sounds sad, kind of is a bit, but it’s ok. Our parents couldn’t come home for the holidays, and we couldn’t go back to Jeddah either (plane tickets are damn expensive). We made the best of things via internet, it’s not much, but it’s a way to see them.

Aladdin became an addition to our Christmas party list around 2010. The holidays became less… grey.

This Christmas, we had the wonderful opportunity to spend it with my friend, Darlyn and her mother. It was a nice change, I actually enjoyed the holidays for a change, as in REALLY enjoy it. It’s not like I don’t enjoy being with just my sister and Aladdin, I do! But, you know, change is good sometimes.


Mother & Daughter

Tita Arlene (or is it Arlyn? I never bothered to ask how her name is spelled), was a gracious, bubbly, and generous hostess. I forgot what it was like to just lie back and be doted upon. I miss my parents. But it wasn’t the time to be mopey, there was food (seriously, a LOT of food), good friends, my sister, and my Aladdin. It was one of those moments I will treasure, forever. My parents and I will make it up to each other next year. Thank you Tita (you too, Dar ❤ ) for having us for Christmas. It was awesome!









Khea, my dear sister, always remember that you are an awesome human being. You are not anti-social, you’re just shy. You don’t repel people, you just don’t attract mediocrity. You are a talented artist and I look forward to decorate our home with your masterpieces.

Aladdin, as usual, I love you. And I want to spend every holiday, EVERYDAY, with you. Darlyn’s neighborhood is pretty nice, so peaceful and far away from… people. I love it. I know where to build our future home now!

Darlyn, what can I say? Thanks. I don’t wanna be all mushy and stuff… but… you know… love ya.


Ma and Pa, WE MISS YOU. A LOT.

To my brother, estranged we may be, but you are still my brother. I hope that “gift” I gave you makes up for some of my insubordination. I know you you’ll always be there for me, even if I’m being ME.

All in all, Christmas 2012, was awesome! Merry Christmas everybody!


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