Tinay’s Christmas List

Of course I have a list. I’m sure everybody has been creating one since… last Christmas probably. 🙂

1. A Lady Bag

Bag Ancole

No, not just a pretty bag, a LADY BAG. The one that looks like its made of “leather” and has metallic zippers and stuff. I’ve been eyeing this one bag from Sophie’s since last year. It’s so pretty and practical, and I can pair it with all of my clothes! I just can’t seem to bring myself to spend that amount on a bag. It would make my mother faint. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? *Sigh*


2. A Tablet


Ooooh! It’s Morla’s fault! There I was, completely contented with my phone and laptop then she introduced me to the wonderful world of tablets. I loved using her iPad to play games, but most of all, the ebooks and notepad apps (I can actually stop bringing heavy notebooks to school and have access to any of my favorite ebooks in a snap!). It’s so light and easy to carry around. And I  really enjoy the wide display and touch screen interactivity. I just want it. Period. Hehe.


3. Some Kick Ass High Heels

Nude Shoes

I love shoes. Every woman on earth loves shoes (be it sneakers or heels). I have a lot of flats and sneakers but no heels. Not that I like parading around in heels, I just want a pair I can use to spice up my wardrobe. I mean, they are uncomfortable, but man, can they make a statement or what! You know, something to wear to formal gatherings and parties. Something to glamify my drab clothing. Just something basic I can pair with my wardrobe, nothing too flashy. Maybe a nude color, for the illusion of longer legs that God has denied me.


4. Canon EOS 650D


Oh Sweet merciful God…

I am not a pro photographer, but damn it I want it!!!
I saw it in a commercial (the one with the Botanist) and I just fell in love.


*Sigh* I’m not really that materialistic. But hey, its ok to dream. I might not get these for Christmas, and that’s ok. Coz I am content with what I have right now. Parents who are working so hard to provide for our family, a sister who never fails to make me smile and doesn’t make me worry too much, best friends who always keep in touch and always have my back… even from afar, and an awesome boyfriend who also doubles as my “bestest” friend. Not to mention big boobs, I really don’t mind having them.

Maybe I can treat myself to just one object on my list, maybe the bag… or the shoes, or the tablet… definitely can’t afford the camera. Ok, the bag then… No! The Shoes! (Why can’t it be both?)

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