One of the Sweetest 29th’s ever!


 Cookies & Cream Cupcake and Blueberry Cheesecake from Dulgies Desserts and Cafe

29th November 2012, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 32nd monthsary. I know, its not exactly a “milestone,” but the fact that we spent the past two years and eight months together so happily (as in no break-ups and drama) is worth celebrating to me.

I look forward to spending ALL of my 29th with my Aladdin. He really is an awesome human being, and I am so damn lucky. Call me love struck, maybe I kinda am, but its not the stupid kind of love struck. I know it in my heart (sounds cheesy, I know).

In about six months, I’ll be leaving for Jeddah and he’ll pursue his training for an apprenticeship as a Marine Engineer. To some, it might be a reason to “go our separate ways,” but not to us. We are not pansy teens anymore who cries at the very idea of being apart. I mean, yes, it will be sad not to wake up and see him, make us breakfast and watch TV together, there will be tears. But, I know that it will not be the end. I’m sure of it. Maybe, we’re already mature enough to know that, not everything needs to have drama.

There’s Skype, Facebook, E-mail, calls and texts, we’ll never lose touch (of course its not the same, but it’ll be enough). The funny thing is, we’re not afraid. We really do trust each other. I look forward to our future vacations spent together, and maybe one of those vacations will be our time to finally tie the knot <insert girly squeal here>.

I love you Aladdin, I always will, and I look forward to a beautiful life together.


5 thoughts on “One of the Sweetest 29th’s ever!

    • Thank you so much! It’s nice to know there are people (whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet) out there who has faith in what we have. Hehe. I wish you and your special someone (or future special someone) the best too!

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