Water Your Body

One of the things I discovered that makes it so hard for me to lose weight is my poor water intake. I I noticed that the most water I drink is like two glasses a day. Other days, its even less, on some, barely a drop. I take in fluids but in carbonated drinks form. My metabolism is already f*%$d up as it is (thanks to my hypothyroidism) and I gain soooo much weight without even trying. My “movements” are irregular, like every 3-4 days. Horrible, I know. I want to change. Since I have a thyroid condition, my efforts in losing weight need to exceed that of an average person. Since my efforts are actually less than that of an average person, there is no wonder that I see no improvement in my health.

And I want to change that.

I wanna start small (if I go all out at the beginning, I tend to get tired of it so fast I end up ditching it) and begin by increasing my water intake. One glass a day is obviously not good. To help me start things, I downloaded this app called Water Your Body for my Galaxy Ace.


It lets you keep track of your water intake and reminds you if you haven’t drunk or drunk enough water for the day. So far, my “movements” have been a bit more regular, like everyday or every two days. I feel lighter, and my skin has improved as well. Before, my skin was always dry and has a dull appearance to it, I’m a morena, and a morena with dry skin is a no-no for me (who wants to have dry skin anyway?!). Now, my skin looks a bit of a glow in it, unlike before, which was dry and depressing.

To further improve my new “More Fluids” regimen, I wanna add Green Tea to the list. Thanks to momsopinions for inspiring me! (http://momsopinions.wordpress.com/2012/11/20/how-green-tea-can-help-you-to-lose-weight/)


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